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“Sometimes goodbye is a second chance…”

So, why am I shamelessly quoting this once popular Shinedown song?  About five years ago, I tried blogging for the first time, armed with zeal, passion, and…not much else!  It ended in a blog with a grand total of like four posts, so I mercifully put that blog to rest.  I have resisted the urge ever since, but I am giving in.

Why am I giving in?  Well, you know, I’m older, wiser…okay, maybe not a whole lost wiser, but older anyway!  Basically, after writing nearly every night for 6 months while working on my thesis, I kind of got used to writing.  So I thought I would channel that energy into a blog.

Also, I am saying goodbye to my Facebook account.  It started to get weird and just downright creepy, what with the face-recognition technology, people creepin’ on pictures, and the inevitable but oh-so-third-grade status/comment debates.  And, honestly, *confession alert* it was starting to take up a little more of my time than I really want it to. So…I guess this is goodbye to Facebook.

"Breaking up is hard to do"

Also, this is my “second chance” to really do it up right, you know?  Go all out for the blogging world (Is this getting too dramatic yet?)  In all seriousness, I do feel like there is a lot to talk about.  I’m not really referring to just spewing out my opinions, but there are several issues that I think are discussion-worthy, or at the very least thought-worthy.

So what will this new blog be about?  Most of the posts will center around the things that I am most passionate about/interested in: theology, issues in corporate worship, all things city (especially the CLE), medicine/bio-ethics, diversity in the church, and food.  If these are issues that pique your interest, you might be mildly entertained by this blog.  If not…well, you know, you probably will get sick of hearing about those things haha!

So.  Here’s to a goodbye and a second chance.  Cheers!



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