You’re probably wondering (or, maybe you weren’t!) what this blog is about and who the heck is writing it?  In this case, knowing the “who” will help with understanding the “what.”

My name is Chris.  I am a born and bred Northeast-Ohioan, and proudly reside in Cleveland in the Heights area with my beautiful wife and two girls.  After receiving a bachelor’s degree in music and Bible from Kentucky Christian University, we moved “west” to Illinois to pursue a Master of Arts in Worship Studies from Lincoln Christian Seminary.  While in Illinois, we served on staff at a church there for nearly three years as worship pastor.  In January of 2009, we moved back to Cleveland to help start new churches.  I served as Arts Minister for two years at Velocity Church before feeling called to help a second plant, Forest City Church, which launches September 2011 in the Shaker Square neighborhood of Cleveland.  I am also currently working towards applying for Physician Assistant school next year (2012), and hope to serve Cleveland through both medicine and music in the future.

If you boil it all down, I am passionate about the following things: God, my family, corporate worship (theology and practice), diversity in the church, helping people through ministry and hopefully medicine, and seeing the great city of Cleveland transformed through kingdom-advancing churches.

So now to the “what.”  I think you will quickly find that most of my blogs will revolve around the afore-mentioned passions.  This blog really arises as a continuation of my work on my master’s thesis, which explored the theology and practice of corporate worship in diverse, urban contexts.

I hope you’ll join in the continued conversation!



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